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How To Report a Bug

rezareza los angelesModerator, Beta Tester Posts: 522
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Please use the following format when creating a Discussion to best report your bug.

1) Discussion Title.

If there is an Error Code on screen, eg. (E124), include that before a brief description of the bug as your title.

2) A description of the problem.

3) A description of the expected behavior.

4) Deluge Screen Type (OLED or 7SEG)

5) Provide the firmware version you were using.

Look up firmware version in the Firmware Version menu of Deluge Settings or by copying name of firmware .bin file

6) Provide the steps to reproduce the issue (if possible) and upload additional media.

For example: 1. Turned on, 2. Clicked play, 3. Crash occurred. Add photos and/or videos if necessary.
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