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New OLED display



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    Alder_DiceAlder_Dice UKBeta Tester Posts: 128

    I'm wholly supportive of this development, but I'll stick with the red LEDs thanks. I like my hardware to keep me in a sonic and haptic environment/headspace and I'm at the point where my fingers land on the shortcuts without looking 90% of the time.

    I can see the convenience for file management, but for me there's too big a risk of me fixating on the screen and being taken into a headspace that doesn't work for me. The simple LEDs were part of what made me sell my Elektron gear to get my Deluge.

    I'm pleased that his development is being so well received by the Deluge community though. No doubt it will help most people's workflow.

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    sparkysparky California USABeta Tester Posts: 4

    Wow. Retro-fit! You guys are awesome!

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    Affectionate_Bee_781Affectionate_Bee_781 United StatesBeta Tester Posts: 109

    @Alder_Dice I feel similar to you but I think I'm still gonna go with the upgrade: file management, resale value, and potential FW updates that utilize the screen more.
    I'm content with the red LEDs except for the way that they scroll - with the OLED, I can have longer file/synth/song names without that annoying scrollback

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