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Faster SD Card --> Faster Navigating


Hey y'all. Just wanted to drop this tip in case it's been an issue for anyone else.

I have thousands of samples on my deluge and scrolling through subfolders and the samples themselves was really quite laggy and kinda driving me nuts. I switched from an SDHC I 90MB/s (read speed) card to a SDHC UHS-II 300 MB/s (read speed) card and now it's lightning fast! I can scroll through the folders and (thank god) the samples instantaneously now.

Hopefully this helps if anyone else was having this issue!


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    jensgjensg Berlin, GermanyPosts: 45

    cool. which exact model?

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    Radius9999Radius9999 Felton, CAPosts: 9
    edited November 26

    I found a Kodak version that has the same specs for half the price of the SanDisk on Amazon.
    Kodak 32GB UHS-II U3 V90 Ultra Pro SDHC Memory Card - Up to 300MB/s Read Speed and 270MB/s Write Speed

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    OctavianOctavian CanadaPosts: 15
    edited November 27

    do you think it's more about the Read/Write or about it being UHS-II instead of UHS-I? I have the same as pictured above but mine's 170MB/s @lakevillain

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