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Program change limit

PixelKickerPixelKicker United KingdomPosts: 57

Hi there, I have a Minilogue XD linked up to my Deluge via Midi. I am using patch number 208 on the XD, I would like to set it as a Program Change on the Deluge but it appears to be limited to 128, I can't get to patches on the XD beyond 128.

Is there a workaround?



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    amiga909amiga909 Central EuropePosts: 1,078

    Should work.

    The menu options, and their associated MIDI messages, are:
    BANK - sent as a MIDI bank select message (CC 0)
    SUB - sent as a MIDI sub-bank (sometimes known as bank LSB) message (CC 32)
    PGM - sent as a MIDI PGM change message.

    MSB and LSB are used to access more than 128 presets via midi, the XD manual should explain how to use them to access each preset.

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    blinkingpenguinblinkingpenguin United StatesPosts: 11
    edited December 2020

    Just for clarification, I believe BANK=MSB, SUB=LSB, and PGM=PC. Please correct me if I'm wrong, this is new to me.

    Also want to note that the Deluge is 1-indexed and that some portions of MIDI implementations may be 0-indexed. I was wondering why I couldn't get my System 8 to sync until I figured this out. This means that where the System 8 is calling for MSB: 85, LSB: 00, PC1-64, what the Deluge wants is Bank: 86, Sub: 1, PGM: 1-64 (the program seems to be 1-indexed on the System 8 as well for whatever reason).

    Hope this is useful for future travelers troubleshooting their machines. :smiley:

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    djAziddjAzid AmsterdamPosts: 196
    edited December 2020

    Every synth is different and handle program changes different, also shown in this clip

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    PixelKickerPixelKicker United KingdomPosts: 57

    Thank you all for your advice and comments, very useful

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