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"Depth" for parameter Learning

SerbanSerban London, UKBeta Tester Posts: 14


Been playing around a lot with the Deluge lately and, as a guitar player, I absolutely love keyboard mode! However, in terms of assigning parameters for a more-or-less "manual" and musical performance experience, I'm finding the current parameter Learn implementation to be a bit difficult to tame. By that, I mean I would love to be able to configure the "depth" by which I can learn a specific parameter. Currently, the only way I've found to do this is to assign the parameter to ENV2, control the modulation depth therein and then Learn the SUST param of ENV2 to one of the gold knobs or an external midi device. As an example, I'm doing this for pitch bend:

  1. go to ENV2, set ATTACK and DECAY to 0, leave SUSTAIN at 25 and Learn it to your favorite gold knob.
  2. go to the global trAnspose of the synth patch, set it at your preferred "neutral natural pitch" point (e.g. 0)
  3. while still on the trAn value, then press the select knob to assign modulation and scroll right to ENV2. A depth of 12 gives you "roughly" one full tone up and one full tone down when moving the gold knob
  4. tune to your preference

However this unfortunately means I can't use ENV2 for anything else, and it kills an entire envelope just to "tame" one parameter control. ENV1 is unusable for this because it also binds to volume.

If there were a config option when learning to set the "depth" (and potentially offset as well) by which a midi CC or gold knob position controls a parameter (e.g. with interpolation happening behind the scenes) then it would be much easier to set "musically relevant" boundaries when performing. This also applies to vibrato, for example, which gets very deep above 1/3 of the way up - desirable in some cases, but requiring a lot of finesse to control in others. If we could set learn depth, I believe this could significantly enhance tactile control over one's performance.

Thanks for a great piece of kit and a lovely community to come with it!


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