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I wish kit row colors were saved with the kit


It makes it easier for me to remember what I’m doing, if I have many samples loaded in a kit, if I can have all the hats blue and the toms red, for instance. I wish the kits would reload with my chosen row colors intact, it would save a lot of time. Thank you.


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    amiga909amiga909 Central EuropePosts: 1,078
    edited January 2019

    interesting suggestion. upvoted.
    nice if this was for every preset (synth, midi, cv). would first need though. because a base color only helps a little when colors primarily depend on pitch of active steps.

    i still struggle a lot to organize my Songs so I remember what where is a week later.
    well.. once i organize and recolor stuff i actually can remember.
    the problem is i am too lazy to color and recolor stuff all the time :)

    instead of colors saved to presets, what if Deluge would set more colors automatically so we dont have to recolor stuff that often? i wish there were more defaults.
    for example: color by type, synth has greenish c3, midi yellow, kit green, cv red
    color by osc mode:i always recolor the tracks with audio in.
    guess thats another suggestion :)

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