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Draw velocity curves using the grid as the display

ohnoitsfraaohnoitsfraa Genk, BelgiumPosts: 3
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I know we can change the velocity of a note by holding it and turning the top black knob, but I saw a velocity curve feature in the Mode Machines Seq 12 and I thought it might be a good addition for the Deluge in the future.

Basically you can draw a velocity curve using the pads on your Deluge, the higher the bar the higher the velocity for that step in the pattern of course. Since we have a grid with 8 rows, this could give a resolution of 16 per row (which is fine enough for most people I guess). Unless something like this (or something that replaces it) is already on the roadmap, it might a good way to quickly draw in velocities for all the notes in your pattern instead of holding down certain notes and twisting the knob. Furthermore, this could probably be extended to draw curves for more parameters? Filter cutoff, reverb dry/wet, Delay feedback, etc

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