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Shortening Track by Bar (or help to not get off-beat)


I normally make my music in a jam-style way - the sequencer plays continuously and I add my notes and work on the sound. Doing that on the Deluge I find it really hard to not run into odd-signature timings when shortening my track - which results in my melody running off-beat.
It would be great if there was the option to shorten it by full bar, or not roll out the action until I confirm the total length of the shortened track (dial it in, confirm, ->deluge shortens track). Another option would be to at least have the dial 'pause' for a second when hitting a bar, so you can spin it fast while shortening and then not run over the full bar point.

The most amazing addition though would be to have a bar-mode to do this. I replied my idea how to implement that on another thread:

It would be great to have a mode where you press a button to get into 'bar-mode' directly (=4/4th), which gives you one lit button per bar in you track, then you can enable/disable/remove each bar separately.
The difference to the regular 1 bar zoom out is that a.) you get there directly without dialing the zoom level and b.) disabling won't delete the notes but ignore the bar when playing and c.) would give you the option to change the length of the track by deleting bars in a whole and d.) bars could be fully transposed that way too
This would allow the user to just work on one bar without having to wait on it for the whole track to get back to it AND allow to shorten tracks without running into the issue of having odd-length parts and your melody to get off beat (which will cover a different issue / feature request).

Hope this makes sense.


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    rpc9943rpc9943 New York usaPosts: 169
    Agreed I have already posted this but this is a much needed addition
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