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  • Keyboard mode to display previously entered notes on playback

    Imagine going back to keyboard mode for a previously recorded synth track and being able to get a visual indication of what notes had been entered. The Novation Circuit does this (the keyboard pads light up with the appropriate notes as the steps go by) and it can be helpful.

    I could see it being implemented by going to keyboard mode during playback and having the pads of the corresponding notes light up white as the steps in question play.

  • Allow negative values for user-assigned parameters via the gold knobs

    Being able to assign various parameters to the gold knobs is great, but it would be even better if the parameters assigned there could go into negative values as well (like they can when editing via the menu/grid shortcuts).

    For example, I've got a synth patch where the rate of LFO2 is modulated by ENV2. Assigning this modulation point to a custom knob is great, as I can adjust it on the fly, but it will only adjust in the positive range. I can start with a negative value (if the patch load state beings that way, for example), but once I cross into the positive threshold I can't go back when using the assigned gold parameter knob, even though I can when using the menu with the select knob.

    This would open up some nice quick performance/sound design options.

    (I didn't see this topic via a quick search of the forum, but let me know if I've missed a different thread I could upvote instead!)

  • Dumb question about sections - keeping the beat going

    Another thing you can try to do is play with the "SHAR" option for sections (to share the launch status, so launching a section doesn't mute another section):

    By holding down a "section" pad and turning the select knob far-anticlockwise, the option "SHAR" will be arrived at, which means that the section may share its "launched" status with other sections: launching it will not automatically stop tracks which belong to other sections. However, it remains the case that only one track per synth or kit preset may play simultaneously, so launching a "SHAR" section may still cause other tracks to stop if the use synth or kit presets also used in the section being launched. This could be a useful option if you wish to launch several tracks simultaneously (e.g. a bass and a lead line), but leave some previously-playing tracks playing (e.g. a beat).

  • Piano style layout for entering notes (in addition to the guitar style 4ths layout)

    Got my Deluge last night and am excited to dive in. This sort of note entry is still something I feel would really help (at least my workflow).

  • Deluge firmware V2.1.1 released

    @charlie0dle said:
    I tried to update but was given an error message instead of the swirling screen. Now I am just getting an error message and the unit isnt working at all. :( Please help!

    What is the error message?
    What do the contents of your SD card look like (should only be one .bin file there and a few folders, like SONGS, SAMPLES, SYNTHS, KITS)