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  • @charlie0dle said: @p_wats said: @charlie0dle said: Hello, I tried to update but was given an error message instead of the swirling screen. Now I am just getting an error message and the unit isnt working…
  • @XavierPatau said: Hi there, I have a problem with the installation of firmware version 2.1.1. Everything seems to be installed correctly, but when trying to change the type of synthesizer using the control knob, the word "fold" appears on the LC…
  • @charlie0dle said: Hello, I tried to update but was given an error message instead of the swirling screen. Now I am just getting an error message and the unit isnt working at all. Please help! What is the error message? What do the…
  • I would also love to have the option of changing the delay sync for an entire kit or song
  • @Jahra said: oh that’s bad. anyways thanks for the answer. Suggest it as a feature and get some upvotes. Could be useful, for sure.
  • Yeah I feel like I didn't know how or why I'd use the SHAR option at first, but have been thinking of some useful ways since record to arranger was introduced.
  • @Edi said: Thanks @p_wats In this case it was definitely the way I somehow managed to create simultaneously playing tracks that were using the same sample file from the SD Card and playing arp. It screwed up the sample streaming from the c…
  • The SHAR option is pretty simply explained in the manual: There is one further "repeat mode" option. By holding down a "section" pad and turning the select knob far-anticlockwise, the option "SHAR" will be arrived at, which means that the sect…
  • I've had voice stealing with small amounts of tracks that still had either: * Lots of samples/slices in a kit (ie, over 100) * Lots of individual delay and reverb settings per kit item (especially if the delay is set to analog mode) * Lots of…
  • I think the easiest way would be the following (but someone else feel free to chime in with a better workflow): * Move the folder containing your new samples into the "SAMPLES" folder on your SD card (organize them however you like) * Create a…
  • @mrrafs said: p_wats... thanks dude (sorry i did search before) LIST MUMS..... PLEASE DELETE POST. No problem. It hasn't been the most popular request, so I'm happy to see more support for it!
  • @Will said: Good to know, thanks (although I'm one of the 40 people on the planet NOT on FB) ;0) Ha. Yeah, the only thing I use it for these days is gear related groups and spamming my "friends" with new music/show invites.
  • If you're in the beta testers group on Facebook there was a post about being able to use 51 of the keyboard view pads to trigger individual, non-tuned samples. It was setup by adjusting the individual sample ranges manually (to only be one note each…
  • Hmm. I haven't had any freezes or crashes since the public version was released (didn't really have many issues in beta either though). Can you reproduce the freezes and give instructions on how to replicate them?
  • There is already a request for this:
  • You can change the cursor behaviour in the arranger view by toggling the "cross screen" button. In one mode the cursor moves and in the other mode the cursor stays and your arrangement moves.
  • You can set up 2 different tempos to quickly jump between via the undo/redo commands, which is fun, but only gets you part of the way there.
  • @pbolger said: I don't use Facebook. Is there somewhere else to get hold of beta firmware? @funkymothers said: +1 same here I think the only place to receive and test the beta firmware is the beta testers Facebook group at the m…
  • Nice. I definitely opened this thread expecting bug reports, but was pleasantly surprised.
  • Doesn't bother me either way. Just wanted to point out there doesn't seem to be a lot of interest from others (I haven't really championed my suggestion though, as I've found it doesn't really bother me after all).
  • I created this a while back that is somewhat similar (visual feedback on notes being played back), but not a lot of interest:
  • How long? I haven't hit any limits yet, but haven't tried tracks more than a few minutes in length.
  • 1) sidechain source has to be a sample called “kick” or “bd” Nope. Sidechain source can be any sample you want. Just select the sample and then choose SIDECHAIN>SEND - dial in the amount upto 50. You can have multiple sources sending to the Si…
  • I was initially overwhelmed by the shortcuts and thought it would be an issue in poor lighting conditions, etc., but the more I've gotten familiar with the functions the less I've needed the labels at all. I hope it doesn't sound like I'm discoun…
  • The answer to your first question is probably as simple as the following: * Copy the stems you want on the SD card used in your Deluge * Create a kit with these stems * Create a sequence using this kit that matches when the stems need to play…
  • I have a Keystep and it's great. That said, I've had it since before I got my Deluge, so I didn't exactly look for the perfect pairing. As for the Minilab, the Deluge doesn't send power over USB midi, so if the Minilab is bus-powered I believe yo…
  • Nice. I've held off doing any multisampling, as I'm waiting for the new firmware, but it's good to know it's easy to do in case the firmware is a long way off.
  • Nice! Is the piano sample done using a kit (the current way to multi-sample) or is it just a single sample in a synth?
  • Very cool. I'd love to know more about the setup/composition, etc.
  • This Red Means Recording video has been doing well the last few weeks and someone in the comments pointed out that his labels have started to come off too: