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  • There are benefits and drawbacks to both organizations. One of the main benefits of separating drums into different kits is to allow for synced launching of each drum lane separately. If they are all in the same kit, then you cant queue the drums to…
  • The deluge doesnt have an interface to transfer data into the SD card. You have to use an external SD card reader, then ya just drag n drop!
  • I assume you would like to use the footswitch for transport control (ie: playback, record, loop, etc)? These global midi commands on the deluge dont respond to CC messages, but rather note on/off messages. I do not have the same footswitch, but i…
  • @safrosch said: I think the confusion was that I was trying to create non 4/4 loops on the initial audio track, not the overdubs. Definitely strange how the resolution determines the record length quantization only on the overdubs, but I'm sure t…
  • @safrosch here ya go! This isnt intended to be very informative, but i just wanted to demonstrate that it can be done. I included the synth and kit tracks to show that you can have other clips playing, and their length has no bearing on the proce…
  • @Alter said: I replied that it is not possible to record 3 beat long. (It is possible if the first/above track is set 1 beat long as already mentioned here) I don't think i have misunderstood you. I have been recording loops of arbitrary…
  • @safrosch Most of the functionality youre looking for comes through overdubs. Theres two overdub methods: Loop (single overdub) and Layer (continuous overdub). Dont worry about layer for now. In order to get the behavior i described, where the …
  • @safrosch said: Interestingly enough, I found as well that when launching clips, they will always synchronize their start points with the highest track up. So if there is a track in 6/4 at the top, and the second track is in 7/4, and a…
  • @Affectionate_Bee_781 said: Sorry for the misinformation! I'm pretty sure you are actually correct. I just double checked, and the Deluge functions just as you orignally said.
  • Alternatively, if the parent clip is one beat long, you can record any number multiple of this parent clip regardless of zoom level.
  • You can record an arbitrary amount of beats into a loop, but the looper will stop when it reaches the end of the screen. This means you must zoom so the entire screen fits a single beat. However, in my experience, it is not a problem to predeterm…