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Source Audio Soleman footswith help

BenJahManBenJahMan United StatesPosts: 2

Does anyone have any experience with setting up soleman with the deluge?
I'm complete noob with midi and ive tried to adjust the soleman with the midi editor, but nothing seems to work.


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    bobbob ItaliaPosts: 4

    Me too I've got the same problem!

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    AOpsycheAOpsyche United StatesPosts: 11
    edited April 2023

    I assume you would like to use the footswitch for transport control (ie: playback, record, loop, etc)?

    These global midi commands on the deluge dont respond to CC messages, but rather note on/off messages. I do not have the same footswitch, but i assume you have been attempting to send CC with it, as this tends to be the default behavior of footswitches. It appears that your footswitch is capable of sending note on/off messages through configuration, though! Have you tried this?

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