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  • "I'm just wondering how you managed to create sounds where the ping-pong delay starts on left side" Funny, It also caught my attention. I was listening quietly all the video then suddenly I was like "wait what?"
  • @MPrinsen said: Usually you can get quite nice kicks by simply applying a pitch envelope to a sinewave, but with the Deluge I can’t get it to sound nice and punchy. I think the envelopes are too course or something? I did something simila…
  • Answer was provided by Clarissa Vincent on Facebook: "New Synth, choose Type Samples, Choose Browse, find folder, load new sample - Up & Down, long press and click Multi. Samples should be spread over each note."
  • Hello, I did that ("G#3" style file names + rootkey tag with Endless) on drum samples and it wont work I don't know why. If the algorithm correctly overrode the pitch detection by reading the tags first, it should load each drum sound separately on …
  • Very good preset. If you have any for hihats and snares I take. It sounds definitely better with FM than with subtractive.
  • Hey! Thank you I was a bit busy, I'm going to try that very soon
  • I actually found something cool, just by modulating the pitch with a full negative LFO with a rate in the middle (between 25 and 30).
  • We should be able to change default velocity!
  • Hey @Sam! I think you should really consider a "record arm" function if possible. With the AKAI pads I wished I could play it at the same time as I'm playing the grid, because I choose when I use the AKAI, but yesterday I connected an Arturia Beatst…
    in MIDI loop Comment by Aken April 2018
  • Btw, I don't know if it is a feature, a bug or a limitation, but when I press the RECORD button and that I want to play the drums via the AKAI pads and a synth on the deluge at the same time, it doesnt work :P I can record the drums while being on…
    in MIDI loop Comment by Aken April 2018
  • The sampler is actually 1000 times better on the Deluge since it is coupled with the sequencer... I'm playing with effects on isolated steps, it is just way too awesome.
    in MIDI loop Comment by Aken April 2018
  • is there any way on the Akai to stop it from playing samples when the pads are pressed and just output MIDI? (With samples being triggered only by incoming MIDI) Unfortunately not, the MPX16 is a very basic piece of gear when it comes to MID…
    in MIDI loop Comment by Aken April 2018
  • Hello again Sorry for the late reply I was a bit busy lately. So I did like you said, i.e. learning pas on a MIDI track of Deluge (I don't know why I didn't think about it earlier) and it works! BUT. Fortunately, it doesn't loop because there …
    in MIDI loop Comment by Aken April 2018
  • Hello! So here is an update: I went nowhere haha. 1) There is no midi thru option on the AKAI MPX16, but I think there is no midi thru anyway, since the midi is very basically implemented. 2) The main problem is that there is no such thing on…
    in MIDI loop Comment by Aken April 2018
  • Thank you for your answer! I'll do some tests tomorrow ^^
    in MIDI loop Comment by Aken March 2018