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Added an additional MIDI port via USB to separate MPE data

rezareza los angelesModerator, Beta Tester Posts: 522

Merged with Community Firmware!

This feature's implementation started with @m-m-adams
GitHub Documentation

Additional Upstream USB Midi Port to Separate MPE data

Extra MIDI ports on the USB interface for MPE. Port 2 shows in the Midi Device Menu, and improves the usability of MPE-capable devices through the USB interface by allowing MPE zones to be sent to Port 2 and non-MPE to be sent to port 1 (or vice versa). A third port is added for future use such as a desktop/mobile companion app, DAW control or Mackie HUI emulation.

Discuss this feature, provide video/audio examples, etc.


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    AkenAken MontrealPosts: 30

    I have so many questions :D
    How compatible is that feature ? Can I plug it to a laptop and control Ableton live with just an USB cable ? Can I use a USB to DIN adaptor to control some hardware ? Do I still need to plug the Deluge to the power adaptor ?

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