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  • @Rupert said: Hey-did you ever get a suitable result? I'm having the same issues... Hey Rupert. So I've changed my set up somewhat since then and am no longer experiencing issues. Here's what I changed: * I am no longer using a mixer…
  • Thanks @Icoustik I was already following those steps. I've solved the issue with a combination of pre-amp/mixing anything going into the deluge and sorting out decent headphone amplification.
  • @nikpalmer what did you do with the gain staging? I get awful clipping when I record audio into the Deluge similar to what you describe. It makes it impossible to use as a DAW which is very disappointing. I'd love to know how you solved this.
  • @Too_Mere will try with L and see how that goes. If issue persists will post a video. Thanks for the help
  • @Too_Mere assuming I'm audio-monitoring only the clip I'm recording into, and the signal seems to mix in okay with the other 'synth' clips, there should be sufficient signal, no? Is there a way to check dB levels visually on the Deluge? I have m…
  • Thanks @Too_Mere that works. It's actually on p241 of the Official Guidebook, but kinda small print so I missed it.
  • Hey @Sam regarding your comment: 4) It's not currently possible to send program changes from the Deluge, sorry. Is this still the case? I'm trying to assign midi channels to some Chase Bliss pedals. By default the pedals listen on chan…
  • @staubi said: -- Learn the looper function! This drove me crazy at first, but after manual digging and some exercising I feel comfortable now. @staubi the looper function is driving me crazy too! I've looked through the producer's guide, …
  • I second @semar 's comment about wanting to be able to record new audio into a new clip when the new audio is shorter than other clips. I am always confused when I am recording into an audio clip, then stop recording before the clip end, and the aud…
  • You need a Mac and some experience with the terminal. Linux should work too. Looks like it's Mac only. On Ubuntu 16.04 I get Error: afinfo is not installed. Some googling reveals that afinfo is a mac-only library. Will give it a try on a …
  • Hey @amiga909 , thanks for the reply. Here are the files Since converting them I can preview and use the files on the Deluge, but they seem to be giving it some trouble when I use them in songs. I was working on a song that started freezing at a …
  • So after uncovering this discussion I resampled the files from 48khz to 44.1khz and they are loading/previewing now.
  • Greetings all - I'm in Berlin. Would also be happy to meet up with other Berlin-based (or visiting) Deluge users.
  • Thank you @JonH !
  • Hey @OdoSendaidokai, thanks for the reply. That's precisely what I was looking for I missed it in the manual as there's no mention of a 'cloned' clip in that part, and I'm still learning the Deluge naming terminology. I might suggest updating t…
  • Hey @Edi - how do you connect your iPad to the Deluge? Via the USB or midi-in port on the Deluge? I've got a bunch of midi-controller type apps that I'm keen to experiment with, but am using a USB connection (with a USB camera connection kit) and a…