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  • Initiating necromancy! Drone notes are great. But it causes so many other side effects. Like trying to set a sample in a kit for a buildup transition the length of the clip. Currently really bugging me. Hopefully there is eventually an alternate …
  • I use several different stands depending on the situation and combination of equipment. My ultra-portable stand is a flat-folding AIDATA LHA-3 (their LHA-5 and LHA-6 stands look nicer but didn't exist when I got mine). My portable high-mount "…
    in Deluge Stand Comment by xybre March 2021
  • I suggest maybe pairing it with a Faderfox and a Touche instead of adding a bunch of stuff to the hardware unit. Much more modular and portable and more flexible. I would like a better way to see what's going on than the current LED display, but …
  • Oh, one other thing to note about this is that I've noticed there will be some kind of signal on the Clock output after hitting play, a couple of flickers, but then nothing. So I assume there's a bug associated with this as well.
  • This post is almost a year old but it's in the "Unanswered" list and has over 80 views so here ya go!
  • Yep that's exactly what I was experiencing. Interesting thing to note is that when I use the Per|Former as my MIDI->CV converter it does retrigger gates. The FH-2 doesn't, for the same sequence. It still means that by necessity, the new gate w…
  • Being able to nudge a full track could be useful, but this is specifically for changing the timing of note-off without changing the timing of note-on, and only for a difference of a tiny amount.
  • I created a post in the Suggestion forum for this:
  • Link doesn't work for me for some reason. But from the title of the link it looks like this is a different feature. I'm looking for a global (or per-track) MIDI setting to mirror the CV gate's "offtime" feature already found in the Deluge that se…
  • Yeah zooming seems to be the only workaround right now. Should this be added to the Suggestions forum? Or someone could ping them on the FB group where they seem most active?
  • I need the gaps because if the notes are right next to each other then it comes out kinda as one long continuous note to my external MIDI-to-CV converter (Expert Sleepers FH-2) so envelopes aren't getting re-triggered. Even if the FH-2 could inse…