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  • Hello, also from Ireland (Dublin). I like the Bronsted Acid track! I only have one track made so far...
  • This is also a nice resource on using the isomorphic keyboard:
  • This is ace! I agree, I like the part that strts at 2:08 - it has a really nice feel to it.
    in Genuine Love Comment by Edi January 2019
  • Love the particle noise at the start! The rest is good too
  • Really nice atmoshpere. Defintely agree with the addition of the bass.
  • Thanks @p_wats In this case it was definitely the way I somehow managed to create simultaneously playing tracks that were using the same sample file from the SD Card and playing arp. It screwed up the sample streaming from the card. As @NRuck …
  • Thanks @NRuck I'll try that too, great idea.
  • I tend to just Google for the best latest apps whenever I get the urge to get something new. There a nice 2 part guide by MusicTech which is about a year old. It explains some of the ways the iPad can be integrated in a setup and how some of the …
  • Thank you @RandomAztec for taking the time to reply. Since writing my comment, the New Discussion button is now available on the top right of the forum for me. It must be some kind of admin approval process for new forum members. Time to create…
    in Forum Ideas Comment by Edi January 2019
  • Sorry for the thread hijack (well, it's an old thread), but I'm new to the forums and am unable to post new discussions, or change my profile. Am I missing something really obvious? I didn't see any info for new forum members, apart form the 'rules…
    in Forum Ideas Comment by Edi January 2019
  • I dont know if it’s possible while browsing in the Deluge menus but I use a PC tool called Resonic Player to preview looping samples. It’s really excellent for browsing and reviewing wav files and is capable of seamlessly looping extremely short fil…
  • I've been connecting my iPad to the Deluge with some nice instruments like Neo Soul Keys, iSymphonic and Syth One. It connects quickly and easily, which is good for my kitchen-table setup, where I need to set up and tear down quickly to work around…
  • How about a toy piano too: The kontakt instrument downloads contain wavs. My Deluge didn't create a multisample synth instrument very well with these (the deluge appears…
  • Thanks a million - really looking forward to playing with all the new updates! Happy new year!