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  • Follow the Playhead across to next screen/bar

    if your screen followed your Playhead across to the next screens/bars you have arranged it would help greatly when making full length songs.
    also a start playback from specific place like you are able to in a daw would be handy
    in a daw you just click a place in your arranged song and hit space bar and the playback starts from there.

  • Fine Note Length Adjustment

    i need dis very much

    i find that when making my psytrance leads going up and down x64 x32 x16 just straight up spins you out and is way to time cosuming. i often forget the rhythm ive got in my head by the time I zoom in and out so far & across soooo many pages of even a 2 x 16 bar.

    in a daw sequencer its as easy as look @ your big ass sequence on with heaps of step & selecting your steps and dragging left or right for small or bigger note length.
    why cant it be this easy on the deluge ?

    maybe two modes
    fractional mode - hold step> turn encoder to adjust step x16,x32,x64,x128 length
    percentage mode - hold step> turn encoder to adjust step % length

  • See Deluge as Drive - Edit over USB

    I'd like this very much.

    i think the deluge is very limited with its single L/R audio outputs and that a comprehensive USB Audio implementation is needed. it would bridge the gap of raw unmastered songs in the deluge and compilations that are finely tuned, mastered and finalised within a DAW.
    the waldorf kyra is an fpga synth and is capable of streaming all 8 of its 96kHz 24 bit audio output channels Via ASIO over usb to an audio workstation.
    the implementation of something similar would definitely be a game changer and would streamline the beginning to end of the music making process

    being able to access the removable storage on the sd card in the deluge via pc without the need of plugging/unplugging the sd card would be handy too, especially if i can just set a directory shortcut up in 'places' on the left of ableton's main arranger screen.
    it would also help with the exporting of stuff like midi files i've created in songs in my daw to the deluge
    maybe jamie fenton can make his midian software into a vst for this if it ever happens :wink:

  • Program a bandpass filter

    • 1 for bandpass filter
  • Display frequencies and dcb

    maybe a bigger screen on the next generation of deluge would be good for this