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  • Noise as modulation source?

    @Heptagen said:
    You're correct: random generates a random value on any given event. And what's also important is that it generates only one value at any given moment.
    That means that if you modulate attack with random (low value = plucky start / high value = long attack) and at the same time modulate panning with random (low value = left / high value = right), the pluckier the sound the more to the left it will be.

    Does this also count for the Arpeggiators Random option?

    Otherwise using the Note Modulation + Random Arpeggiator (ideally with lots of octaves) would give an additional way to introduce more Randomness in to the patch

  • lost in The Gridd: is there a way to chnage clips from clip view?

    Im not sure if I really understand what you mean.

    Let’s say you are in Song mode and there are 4 Clips with different lengths.
    If you Zoom out as far as possible then the longest Clip will take up all 16 / most Steps on the row. And the shorter ones take up less steps and fill the rest with unlit / grey pads.

    Depending on the Zoom level (16ths, 8ths, …, 2 bar, …) you can estimate how long that Clip is.

    If you create a new Clip you will have to Keep the length / zoom level in mind.

    In the arrangement mode you can see the length of the clips, and you can extend them easily. But all that is doing is looping / duplicating that Clip.
    You can do the same thing in a clip by zooming so you can see the whole Clip. Then Holding shift + pressing <> duplicates the Clip making it 2x longer