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lost in The Gridd: is there a way to chnage clips from clip view?

quartznquartzn cape cod, massachusettsBeta Tester Posts: 6

is there a way to switch to ( bring into focus so that you can work on it) other clips without switching to song mode? I ask because having to switch to song mode and reinterpret the pads' meanings / contextual behavior makes it fairly easy for me to get "lost in the gid" As There is no indicator of clip length in clip view. Is there some way to switch clips, or get an idea of how long the clip is wihtin clip mode?> Or is the song page the only representation of clip length? The thing that makes a lot of sense to me is in arrange mode, where you can just Pin the structure to work within..
But in song mode, you ccannot extend the length of the clip by pressing 2 buttons at once to bridge them. most buttons have momentary-press features. I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around that and it feels like trying to track in quicksand.
Like is the only way to see how long the selectedclip is to look at how long the row of lit pads l have over clip length is the temporary dimmed-pad view with select<>_knob and Arrange mode? Does song mode actually sho how long the clips are?


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    Im not sure if I really understand what you mean.

    Let’s say you are in Song mode and there are 4 Clips with different lengths.
    If you Zoom out as far as possible then the longest Clip will take up all 16 / most Steps on the row. And the shorter ones take up less steps and fill the rest with unlit / grey pads.

    Depending on the Zoom level (16ths, 8ths, …, 2 bar, …) you can estimate how long that Clip is.

    If you create a new Clip you will have to Keep the length / zoom level in mind.

    In the arrangement mode you can see the length of the clips, and you can extend them easily. But all that is doing is looping / duplicating that Clip.
    You can do the same thing in a clip by zooming so you can see the whole Clip. Then Holding shift + pressing <> duplicates the Clip making it 2x longer

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