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  • Midi Time Code (MTC) support

    Not the sexiest feature request, but it would make syncing the song or arrangement modes to tape a possibility.

    A surprising number of electronic musicians use tape as part of their workflow. Myself, for one :)

  • Tune scale degrees by cents

    Just noticed that scale degrees can only be altered by semitones. This locks the Deluge to standard western tuning (12-TET).

    Would very much like to be able to tune scale degrees in cent increments. I want my gamelan kit to have gamelan tuning...and it would open the box up for more experimental uses - or Aphex Twin covers :)

  • Per sample track lenght in kit for polyrythmics in one page.

    @amiga909 said:
    Got hardware step seqs that have this feature. I am not crazy about it.
    Deluge offers polyrythms if you use multiple tracks. So I dont' think it is very important.

    Sorry but that's just not correct. Different length tracks gives you polymeter, not polyrhythm.

    They are two different things that sound quite different. I really wish gear manufactures would stop calling their polymeter features polyrhythm and spreading confusion. (Squarp got this right, but I'm not sure anyone else has).

    @amiga909 said:

    However, I suspect it would be quite complicated to code.

    Not really, it's just a bit of math, to figure out how many ticks for each step, and take care of the rounding errors. If we had a microtiming feature we could even generate polyrhythm manually by spreading X notes around in the bar of Y total notes (tedious, but doable).

    Display-wise, there is already one type of polyrhythm available - the triplet. Other types would just block out fewer or more columns.

    @amiga909 said:

    It breaks with a few concepts, like having multiple cursors. I reckon the concept of a master row the other rows align to would be needed too.

    Why would it do that? Each cursor moves when it goes to the next step, like it does now. And polyrhythm, unlike polymeter, is self-correcting, because it squeezes X number of steps into a measure. It realigns itself every measure.

  • Bounce audio to SD


  • Can two tracks with the same kit loaded play at the same time?

    Midi channels can play at the same time -

    "If you wish to have more than one track outputting on the same MIDI channel simultaneously, you will notice that additional tracks set to the same MIDI channel appear with a suffix after their channel number, e.g. “2A”, “2B”, and so on. This is to allow them to be treated as unique “instruments”, in terms of which ones may play simultaneously, while still outputting on the same channel."

  • Keep an eye on little and logical issues, and complete functions

    @amiga909 said:

    @Yogi said:
    Adding new exciting features is much more fun than debugging existing code - believe me, i known what i'm talking about, being a soft- and hardware developer for more than 30 years now.
    But - this is a comercial product, lots of people have paid for it. The crash reports on facebook are frightening, and i had a crash and lost my work recently too. A total fun killer! And nobody likes to use such a machine in a live performance. So Rohan, get a cup of coffee and debug, debug, debug... Look for critical sections, memory leaks, stack overflows and all this kind of stuff. Reliability is most important.

    Thats slightly disrespectful, mate. Do you provide loads of unresolved bug reports?
    You refer to one single crash u had and frightening fb reports.
    What happened to you exactly? What did u loose? I am looking forwards not to be frightened by your report.

    Deluge has been rock solid for me. Sure, i do a backup of the SD card now and then, but thats because SD cards (especially cheap ones) cant be trusted in general. Plus, i am very capable of loosing a SD card somewhere 😋

    Yeah, I lost some Deluge work a very few times in 2 years. Due to low battery or a rare freeze. For example when slicing a long sample into many slices. Never lost more than an unsaved song. Never had a corrupt xml file.

    Performing live with the Deluge is a no-brainer for me, Deluge is made for that and delivers.

    There's nothing disrespectful about asking for a reliable product. OK, it's been solid for you. Great. That doesn't invalidate other people's experiences. You have a habit of jumping on people who post here about problems they have and trying to shut them down. That's disrespectful.

    Speaking of live use- I've had two times now where a delay I was adjusting ran away from me (infinite feedback) and couldn't be turned back down. I had to reload the pattern to stop it. These were both during live performances.

    Being live performances I couldn't stop what I was doing to try and get info for a bug report, and it seems to be a very occasional bug anyways and difficult to replicate. So I'm left wondering how to avoid this. I may need to just not adjust delay amount/feedback levels during a performance - which would really be a shame. Does posting about that make me disrespectful? Are you going to neg me for not filing a bug report for an intermittent bug I can't replicate consistently?

    (In case you don't know, a bug report without consistent replication instructions and without device logs or other diagnostic data (which we don't access to as users unless I'm mistaken) is pretty much useless. I do software QA for a living).

    You and one or two people on the FB groups seem to take legitimate criticism as an attack and try to "shoot the messengers". Please stop.