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  • Learn incoming CC values in midi track

    For the purpose of sequencing hardware synths with midi, it would be convenient if I could "learn" incoming midi cc values to map those to knobs.

    At the moment you need to figure out and/or keep lists of synths cc values so that you can map those by selecting them one by one. This is a bit of a flow killer with external synths. Perhaps, if I could save tracks with already assigned cc values would also be a time saver here (select track and load a synth cc preset).

    It's possible to learn incoming midi to map those to control Deluge controls, so I hope that this wish wouldn't be too time consuming to implement.

  • Option for sample selection to change the currently playing track sample immediately

    When auditing drum samples for example, it would be convenient if it would be possible to immediately hear how does the playing pattern change with currently audited sample on sample browse. Could be an option to always work this way or it could function for example by pressing shift and turning selection wheel. Also, it would be nice if you could have the "browse" mechanism open when you have changed one track sound - then you could change multiple track sounds more easily.

  • Sample recording synced with track

    It would be great if I could somehow record samples based on current track length so that sampling would start at track start and end on track end time. This way I could sequence external synths with midi and then record a perfect loop in time with rest of the arrangement.

  • Saving midi mapping to kit and synth presets

    As we can have Synth or Kit presets, could the midi and cv tracks work the same way? So - I could have a midi preset per synth. All premapped the way I like. These mappings could be shared between community. In no time there would be a nice preset for all common synths.