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  • ability to solo individual drums in a kit

    I’m actually hoping this feature is already implemented and I’m being thick, but just in case, like the title says, I’d like to be able to solo a kit row- to eq a kick or fine tune a snare, for instance.

  • Tips and Tricks

    Step automation is really per note rather than per step. From the manual:

    “Automation can also be manually set "per step". Simply hold down a note's pad in ​track view, and turn a ​parameter knob. The parameter value will be set just for the region of time beginning at that note and ending at the start of the next note.”

    So if I’ve entered a whole note, for instance, I cannot “step” automate the filter cutoff to open every quarter beat.

    To create per step automation- I input a “false” note at the place and for the duration I want the step effect, press the pad for that note, adjust the gold knob, then I erase the note but the automation remains.

  • oscillator volume reset

    I don’t think it’s a bug exactly, but while auditioning single sample waveforms, when I choose a new sample, the oscillator volume resets to 50. Since I never have both oscillators set to 50, this means a big leap in volume.

    Transpose doesn’t change, sample mode doesn’t change, no other parameters do (thankfully), just osc volume. Which means I must hold shift + the oscillator volume pad and change the volume every time I want to hear a new sample. I don’t have to do this when I change the oscillator from saw to square, for instance, or even when I switch between a saw wave and a sample. So this behavior occurs only in this instance. I can’t think of the benefit of resetting the oscillator volume every time a sample is chosen, maybe there is something I am overlooking.

    This does not qualify as a feature, I think, so I am making a different kind of request to change behavior and to leave the oscillator volumes as they are when browsing and loading in a new sample. Thank you!

  • All parameter changes affect all clones

    Even though I use the current default system and like it, I think the idea that an extra action be taken to change a parameter on only an individual clip is good. To have all parameter changes affect all clips except when holding a specific button combination would be easy enough for users who like the current default and would be less confusing for everyone.

  • New Deluge manual / producer guide out now.

    It is beautiful! Thank you so much. Fantastic!

  • about to buy Deluge, we have some questions

    Hey everybody-
    Thanks so much for the help!
    Great answers, just what I was hoping for. I’m especially surprised and happy the arp outputs MIDI, that isn’t always the case.
    I have to wait a few weeks before I can order, I’ll be reading the manual through and watching all the videos while I try to be patient. I’m excited about it.
    Thank you!

  • Why is the Deluge being ignored by the big music tech sites?


  • 100 Presets for Synthstrom Deluge

    @Guilherm3- Thank you for these presets, they sound great, they show off the capabilities of the Deluge synth very well. I picked my favorites from the factory bank, my favorites from your bank of 200, plus presets I’ve made, and created my default bank of 151 excellent presets in logical order. It’s fantastic of you to share these.