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  • ability to solo individual drums in a kit

    I’m actually hoping this feature is already implemented and I’m being thick, but just in case, like the title says, I’d like to be able to solo a kit row- to eq a kick or fine tune a snare, for instance.

  • Tips and Tricks

    Step automation is really per note rather than per step. From the manual:

    “Automation can also be manually set "per step". Simply hold down a note's pad in ​track view, and turn a ​parameter knob. The parameter value will be set just for the region of time beginning at that note and ending at the start of the next note.”

    So if I’ve entered a whole note, for instance, I cannot “step” automate the filter cutoff to open every quarter beat.

    To create per step automation- I input a “false” note at the place and for the duration I want the step effect, press the pad for that note, adjust the gold knob, then I erase the note but the automation remains.

  • oscillator volume reset

    I don’t think it’s a bug exactly, but while auditioning single sample waveforms, when I choose a new sample, the oscillator volume resets to 50. Since I never have both oscillators set to 50, this means a big leap in volume.

    Transpose doesn’t change, sample mode doesn’t change, no other parameters do (thankfully), just osc volume. Which means I must hold shift + the oscillator volume pad and change the volume every time I want to hear a new sample. I don’t have to do this when I change the oscillator from saw to square, for instance, or even when I switch between a saw wave and a sample. So this behavior occurs only in this instance. I can’t think of the benefit of resetting the oscillator volume every time a sample is chosen, maybe there is something I am overlooking.

    This does not qualify as a feature, I think, so I am making a different kind of request to change behavior and to leave the oscillator volumes as they are when browsing and loading in a new sample. Thank you!

  • Deluge firmware V3.1.5 released

    @grm said:
    I don't recall this happening with 3.1.4, but haven't used it that long.

    On 3.1.5, if I lay down some synth notes spanning a few octaves, then switch to kit, then switch back to synth, it somehow changes one or a few of the notes.

    For example, I lay down some random notes: c6, a5, d.5, f.3, d4. I switch to kit. I switch back. The notes are now f5, d5, a.4, d4, f.3.

    p.s. this could be a user thing where i was using notes outside of the (c major) scale, entered in the piano roll, and maybe it doesn't make sense.

    Yeah, that's always been an issue. And, I'm pretty certain, always will be. Someday, after you've spent hours composing your sequence then accidently hit the kit button, you will cry and curse the name Synthstrom and strongly consider throwing your Deluge off the balcony. But instead you will ask a Santeria priest to call on Ogun to put a hex on Synthstrom for you. I know man I've been there.

  • Note/sample length for Multi-sampling an Instrument?

    I recommend sampling every note. I've tried to sample four notes per octave, I'm very organized about file names etc, but since v3 the Deluge keeps mistaking the pitch of the files and placing them on the wrong note. When I move them to the correct note, the Deluge thinks I want them pitch shifted. It's a pita. So sample every note to avoid the trouble (and the aliasing).

  • Some unusual workflow tips

    Added to the post above, the Deluge makes a fantastic tempo based guitar effects processor. I connect my guitar to an Ethos preamp/cab simulator then to the Deluge. I set up an input, add effects (and notes if I want to), automate some parameters, press play, and play the guitar.
    I have 30 "songs" saved that are more accurately guitar effects patches with motion- simple set-ups like reverb with tremolo, and also completely crazy patches that include lots of automation, filtering, and real time pitch shifting. Creating these "songs" is addicting and they sound great.

  • On-the-fly sequencing with short clips

    Mesmerizing, I love this!

  • Song view should work like Ableton Live's session view

    Great post!
    I think Rohan is brilliant, I hope he never compromises his vision.