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  • External Audio Looper

    The deluge could make an excellent audio looper it seems with a little work!!! As far as I can tell, there is no way to start and stop recording at the start and end of a track, but if there was a way to quantize this recording, and then have the audio loop assigned to a track, it could make a nice little compositional/improvisation tool, especially when playing with a guitar or other external instrument.

    Everything could just be recorded as basic samples, but having the quantized recording would be everything for this!!!

  • Threshold Based Sample Recording

    (Sorry if this was a suggestion already, I did some searching and didn't find anything in this part of the forum.

    Since the primary way to playback samples is via the kit mode, it would be nice to be able to have a mode that waits for you to exceed a set volume threshold and then it starts recording the sample. This would cut out having to adjust the start time when you are just making drum samples which would really boost the deluge workflow.

  • Keyboard mode display options

    So when using the keyboard mode, I have been keeping scale mode turned off and only selecting the root (I visualize everything better this way), but I am having issues with the way the deluge lights up every equal note, and every octave of the chord. When you are play 4+note chords, it is hard to tell which note is the root and the interface is unreadable because so many different pads light up for each note you play, is there a chance of adding a setting so that we can turn this behavior off? It would make things much cleaner for playing the instrument!
  • Song view should work like Ableton Live's session view

    Though personally, I would prefer each instrument having its own column myself just so more is visible since in my workflow I am more likely to use 16 instruments than 16 patterns of the same instrument.

  • External Audio Looper

    But that doesn't allow listening to backing tracks or even the metronome while recording the loops :/

    It feels like the only major thing missing on the machine for me.

  • Song view should work like Ableton Live's session view

    Maybe if we go with the horizontal view, we could have a way to split the grid in half vertically, so on the left half you have 8 tracks with 8 different clips, and on the right you have 8 more tracks with 8 clips. This will allow a more maximized number of tracks visible while still keeping the horizontal view if the majority prefer that.

  • Please provide a better download source for the Deluge TouchOSC layout