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  • Tip: Better envelopes through modulation.

    I keep reading that the Ds envelopes leave people wanting. Short max attacks, difficulty finding the sweet spot for decay, etc.. Not so.

    Need a longer attack? Modulate the envelope positively with its own attack.

    Snappier decay? Modulate the envelope negatively with its own decay.

    This has really opened up the synth engine for me. Since I learned this tip, I’ve had zero complaints about the envelopes.

  • Free auto-sampling tool

    For anyone who's not aware:

    The MPC beats software is free and has a really great autosampler (although not much else of value, but I digress.... ). It'll autosample note ranges from VSTs and external instruments into nicely named .wavs in a specified folder.

    I made a lot of them for use on my Force, but they work perfectly in the Deluge as well (just make sure you save each instrument to its own folder).

  • Kit Maker and Softsynth Presets

    @LegsMechanical said:
    Can’t recommend Bulk Renamer enough for organizing preset names. Windows only, but I’m sure there’s a Mac equivalent.

    For what it’s worth, All my presets have an abbreviation identifying the set it’s from, a period, and the name. Makes it easy to browse “bank by bank” using the preset search function.

    Eg: M2.909Kit.xml is the name of my 909 kit from the maschine 2 library.

    I highly recommend using periods as separators when using the Del since they don’t use up a character in the screen like a dash or space.

  • About that display...

    If the D didn’t have a screen at launch, it’d still be great (there’s a ton of functionality that a screen is not strictly necessary for). If they added the screen that’s in there now in a hardware revision, ppl would be over the moon to have it.

    That’s how I prefer to think about it.

  • How do I keep MIDI IN data from going to multiple tracks?

    I don't want to belabor this whole thing, but it seems like you're making it more difficult than it needs to be (and I'm guessing that what others are seeing as well and why this is going on and on...)

    You don't need to arm/re-arm or learn/unlearn constantly if you assign one midi channel to each instrument and then change channels. AND if you copy a clip (to make a variation of that track in a new section), then the learn setting will carry over AND only record on the version of the clip in the active section.

    So, learn once, change channels to change instruments and sections to switch "parts"