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  • Saturation scaling

    I use saturation on almost all my patches, but I never go higher than 6. A small amount is an amazing mixing tool.

    It feels like the scaling is logarithmic. I would love it if there were more increments between 0 and where 6 is currently.


  • MIDI cable trick for advanced parameter sequencing

    I don't know if I'm the first Deluger to try this, but I feel like I've just opened up a world of possibilities for 'modular'-style parameter sequencing.

    1. Run a MIDI cable from the MIDI out to the MIDI in port.
    2. Create a MIDI clip of an interesting length
    3. Hold down a gold knob and turn the select knob to choose any CC number
    4. Record or step-sequence some automation of that knob. I like to step-sequence then delete the notes
    5. Now create a synth clip. One long note is good for now.
    6. Press play
    7. Select a parameter
    8. Hold 'learn'. The parameter should now be automated by the MIDI clip.
    9. Go back and fine-tune the MIDI clip now that you can hear what it's doing
    10. Mute the MIDI clip so your synth part can listen to a new one
    11. Create a new MIDI clip of a different length
    12. Go back into your synth and follow steps 6-11 to your heart's content!
    13. Change the single note in your synth part to something more interesting. Try jamming in keyboard mode while the MIDI does its thing
    14. Create some MIDI clips to send note data if you like.
    15. Add more synth parts, listening to the same MIDI clips, but with the CCs assigned to different parameters.

    Even if you don't want to get into making complex polyrhythmic stuff, this trick is really useful for creating automation lanes that you can mute temporarily and arrange independently of the note data.

  • Reverse stereo delay

    I would like an option to reverse the panning of the stereo delay. It sounds trivial, but if I have several parts using stereo delay, my mix soon topples towards the right.

    Ideally there would be a third option in the 'stereo' parameter: off, on and reverse.


  • Loopop Competition ends 2021/10/24

    Well I didn't win a prize, but I did manage to get some Deluge into the compilation video.

  • SA02 - 'Resonance' - on all platforms now. Stream or buy today!

    I'm so happy to have my track among this collection of such accomplished work. I'm sure the third collection will be even better!

  • Loopop Competition ends 2021/10/24

    @RandomAztec said:

    So Good ..stereo tape noise 😂😂

    Thanks mate! I brought smiles to a few faces with it, which is always the biggest prize.

    And really nice work @jonlemon and @percussijan - good luck!