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  • Song-View: show track “names“

    When there are already a few tracks displayed in song-view, I quickly loose the overview which track is playing which instrument - especially with my externel synths.

    It would help a lot if we can see the “names“ of the tracks in this view. When pressing (and keep holding) a track, currently the display is empty (until you turn a knob). So there could be some informations, like the MIDI channel, sample name or synth preset. Much better would be: beeing able to give them a desired user name.

  • Dual-Screen mode (2 different screens on a single page)

    Currently there are 3 modes (track view, sequencer view and keyboard view) and each mode has its own screen. But what if the user could additionally split the 16x8 grid to an upper and lower part (2 halves with each 16x4)? This would be a very mighty function in terms of overview and workflow, because there are 2 different modes on 1 single screen simultaneously.

    For example, the user could decide to split:

    track view (upper part)
    sequencer view (lower part)
    => very helpful to quickly change the track in the sequencer view and edit it

    track view (upper part)
    keyboard view (lower part)
    => very helpful to quickly play or record melodies on different tracks

    sequencer view (upper part)
    keyboard view (lower part)
    => useful to record melodies and to see immediately the recorded notes and to modify them


    Many software sequencers have splitted screens for a better overview. Since the Deluge has this great and huge 16x8 grid, it could do this, too. Ableton 10 will finally provide this killer feature on Push (though not really flexible, but at least: sequencer = upper part, keyboard = lower part). I was always waiting that Ableton will implement it, but now I have sold my Push to get a Deluge. And I don’t regret it! ;)

  • Akai Force - finally Ableton in a groovebox?

    Looks very promising! If this becomes real (and good), this finally could be the standalone „Ableton clip launch groovebox/sequencer“ which many users has been waiting for a long time. :) Maybe I would sell my Deluge for it (I expected an Ableton clip launch workflow when I bought the Deluge)?

    But we’ll need to wait for NAMM in January...

  • Ableton LINK for Deluge

    Ableton Link is a game changer in terms of synchronizing you gear and software, it’s absolutely tight and stable and you can start each device separately at any time.

    Unfortunately Deluge has no WiFi (WLAN) module so this can’t happen, hardware-wise. But I‘m thinking about how it works on iOS apps for iPads. In this case Link works internally, without WiFi. Additionally there is an iOS app „Link to MIDI“ (, so there seems to be a way to convert MIDI to the Ableton Link protocol.

    Maybe Deluge could output/receice Link via MIDI/USB?

  • Song view should work like Ableton Live's session view

    It’s sad that it a few people here are thinking that others need to defend theirselves, just because they like to see a specific feature (which has a huge demand in this community). It’s Ok if this few people can’t see the advantage of the ability of jamming with 16 tracks/instruments + 128 clips (in Deluge = tracks) per time, instead of just 8 per time. I repeat myself: it’s completely Ok. But you also need to respect the other side, and don’t tell them they wouldn’t know the potential of Deluge, they need more practice, they are Ableton Live fanboys, or they better should buy other gear (and similar “arguments“ like this). This is just unfair and childish. No fear, this second mode could exist beside the current song mode.

    This is a feature request and there is a reason for all the upvotes, just except this. Thanks.

  • Keep an eye on little and logical issues, and complete functions

    Just thinking loud: When version 2.0 was released, maybe some people expected a very “polished“ firmware update, because it was a huge step from 1.4 to 2.0 (number-wise)? That’s maybe why they get a little bit disappointed, when they saw that there has been just minor fixes in workflow? This is at least what I heard about some people (friends) I know.

    However, we will see what 2.1 brings. We need to be patiently.

  • Song view should work like Ableton Live's session view

    I don’t agree with you, amiga. A classic clip lauch view (like on Ableton or other sequencers) is still my biggest wish for the Deluge. The arranger is absolutely no alternative for this purpose. And set markers wouldn’t help either. I assume you never used Ableton (at least the clip launch view) so much, right?

  • Keyboard View: map velocity to the 16 side pads

    I like the idea. Though I also love the idea that the 16 button are for playing fixed chords (maybe also learnable). So, I would say the 16 buttons should be switchable between velocity and chords - or a 8 buttons velocity, 8 buttons chords compromise?

  • Insert paste for part of sequenced notes on a track

    No problem, then I got you wrong. :smile:
    I don’t think here are specific “laws“ how to post. Just thought that‘s better to keep similar topic together, so Rohan (the developer) can find things in one place and also can see the votes for a request/suggestion easier.

  • Zooming,track length adjust, and horizontal scrolling visual LCD displays

    Yeah, a page/bar number is very important when scrolling horizontal.