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  • Just plain, simple Audio Thru please!

    This seems like a no brainer to me. My favorite method of sampling is to sit down and let the audio run through the sampler while I listen for the moments that I wish to sample. Currently, even with the 1.2 update, there is no way to do this on the Deluge without an external mixer or splitter of some kind. Within the "monitoring" setting screen the available settings right now are "smart," "on," and "off." I think a "thru" option in this section would be very useful. Bonus points if you can apply internal effects to audio thru.

  • Post-Effects Filter Routing and other Effect Routing and Modulation Options

    Sometimes when I apply distortion effects to a synth track, especially bit crush and saturation, I wish I could take some of the aggressive edge off of it with the filter. It seems to me that the ability to filter a patch post-effects would often up a lot of interesting possibilities. This could also work for the mod-effects, delay, and reverb.

    I’ve also found myself wanting to apply an envelope or LFO to the sample rate reduction effect in particular. Currently you can apply motion sequencing to srr as well as bit crush but sometimes that doesn’t give the user very precise control. The ability to modulate effects with LFOs and envelopes also would open up a lot of possibilities.

    Any of this would be great but if we really want to get ambitious with it I would love to be able to route effects into each other. For example, if you could run the delay through sample rate reduction you could have a cool lo-fi delay effect. Or maybe run reverb through saturation and get some interesting aggressive reverb effects. The possibilities here would be weird and wonderful.

  • Ability to modulate decimator/bit-crush with LFO/envelope/sidcechain

    We are already part of the way there with the ability to record knob-motion to these effects. Why not go all the way with it and allow full modulation capability?

    Or maybe just open up all of the effects to all of the modulation sources? Anyone else into this? I think this would be extremely useful.

  • AKWF single-cycle waveforms

    The ability to use these waveforms is a hugely underrated feature of this machine. They add a high degree of flexibility to the character of the subtractive synth. I think that Synthstrom should officially acknowledge this as a feature. For those who haven't tried using them, here is a step by step guide on how to get them to sound right and match with the tuning of the synth:

    1. Set one or both oscillators to "sample"
    2. Select any of the waveforms as the sample
    3. Set the sample mode to "Loop"
    4. Transpose the oscillator down 2 semitones or up 10 semitones
    5. Turn the volume of the oscillator down to about 25 as these waveforms tend to overdrive the amp. This is especially true if they're used polyphonically.

    That's all! You now have a functioning wavetable as an oscillator.
  • (Bug Report) Some notes entered in sequencer do not sound

    Hey guys, I was definitely muting notes by accident. I'm colorblind and sometimes have trouble distinguishing between green and yellow LEDs. Thanks for the suggestions!
  • blues scale ?

    You can create custom scales already. It's not the most straightforward feature but creating a blues scale could be done with some modifications to existing scales.

  • LPF resonance should not default to 50% on init patches

    I can't help but notice that every time I create a new patch, whether it's a synth patch or a sample in a kit, the resonance of the LPF is automatically set to 50%. This is problematic for a few reasons. The most noticeable issue with this is that it cuts out a lot of the low frequencies right from the start. I'm not necessarily complaining that increasing the resonance has this effect, but it frankly doesn't make sense for this to be the default. Every time I make a new patch or add a new sample to a kit I have to remember to turn the resonance down so I can hear its bottom end. If I forget this step, which honestly I do quite often(especially with drum kits), it throws off the sound of my patch in unforseen ways. It seems to me that this is an unnecessary extra step in the sound design process. I hope that in the next software update the LPF resonance will default to zero so that the user can add resonance on their own terms.