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LPF resonance should not default to 50% on init patches


I can't help but notice that every time I create a new patch, whether it's a synth patch or a sample in a kit, the resonance of the LPF is automatically set to 50%. This is problematic for a few reasons. The most noticeable issue with this is that it cuts out a lot of the low frequencies right from the start. I'm not necessarily complaining that increasing the resonance has this effect, but it frankly doesn't make sense for this to be the default. Every time I make a new patch or add a new sample to a kit I have to remember to turn the resonance down so I can hear its bottom end. If I forget this step, which honestly I do quite often(especially with drum kits), it throws off the sound of my patch in unforseen ways. It seems to me that this is an unnecessary extra step in the sound design process. I hope that in the next software update the LPF resonance will default to zero so that the user can add resonance on their own terms.


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    MatthewGeorgeMatthewGeorge Cologne, GermanyBeta Tester Posts: 247
    This is an old request. I think there was a debate about it on the Facebook page.
    In the firmware update 1.2alpha1 it was set to 0.
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    IcoustikIcoustik NorwayModerator, Beta Tester, Mentor Posts: 1,017

    Yeah u can either get the latest alpha9 version on the fb page, or wait until the 1.2 update is officially released, which is real soon :)

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