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  • More FM Algorithms

    It'd be really cool to support more algorithms with more flexible operator assignment. (3 mod, 1 carrier or 4 carriers, for instance). I think the Deluge function key layout is great for programming FM patches (about the best you can get without a screen) and I'd probably stop using DX7-based VSTs altogether if the Deluge had better FM (and envelopes for the two modulators... :smile: ).

  • Pad Mode/"Kit Keyboard"

    What if when tapping the keyboard button in kit view we were presented with a square "pad" area (or as close to square as the number of kit sounds allow)? This would make recording drums easier by having all sounds available at once instead of the current arrangement where you have to scroll to get to the audition pads for each sound.

  • Deluge Bent/Warped

    Here are the instructions to fix this that Ian sent me when I first got my Deluge and emailed him about it:

    Hey manateemilitia, so it might seem odd, but the Deluge is malleable, designed to be such that if dropped, it can be twisted back to shape.

    it will retain its shape once set right though unless given a knock.

    So yeah, first just ascertain which corner is sitting up.
    If it's for example the top left/bottom right corners that are lifting up, stick a folded up piece of paper under one of the corners of the opposite corners, ie: top right.
    Then just push down a little on one of the corner ends that was popping up, ie: top left. Just give it a little bit of pressure - remove the thing pushing the alternate corner up and see if sits flat...if not, repeat and give a little bit more pressure.

    Don't worry, you won't do any damage putting pressure on it.

  • Empty Rows on Song View (for organization)

    Seems like it'd be useful to be able to move a clip beyond the clip grouping and have empty horizontal spaces between clips. This could be useful for grouping drums together or specific bassline variations. The colors work pretty well but don't delineate clearly between presets once you have notes in different octaves.

  • Is this synth feature removed in FW 3.0 ? + off topic discussion

    huh, yeah I preferred the old way for sure. Something like what is proposed above sounds like it elegantly addresses both issues.

  • More FM Algorithms

    @VincentL said:

    That would be very nice to get more algorithms and the opportunity to choose between different ratios too.

    I believe you can change the ratios but it'd be really nice if they were intervals/cents instead of numeric so we could easily keep it musical.

  • OPluge - OP-1 Patch on your Deluge

    I don't have an OP-1, but this is amazing work!