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  • Mixer function with VU Meters

    I'd love to see this so much, it would be amazing.

    An extension of this would be to visualize any of the current gold knob settings per track, like a generalized 'param view'.
    So if you have 'level/pan' selected, it would show volume and pan levels and allow you to quickly change them. If you then selected 'delay time/amount', you'd get the same view except you could quickly adjust delay params per track. This could extend to MIDI tracks as well if any of those gold knobs are bound to MIDI CCs.
    It might get a little crowded to display/edit both params on one screen for each track, but maybe the 'left/right' scroll could be used there so you get a full page editable meter per param per track.
    I know for most of my live setups, something like this would become my main performance interface especially if I could arm those tracks right from this view as well.

    A couple other thoughts on this:
    1. Editing those param value could still be done via holding down on one of the track pads and adjusting the knobs. You could also maybe have a quick pad-oriented value entry, but you'd be practically limited to 16 unless you wanted to go down the zoom-in rabit hole (may be more complex than needed).
    2. The key-combo [shift] + 'level/pan', 'cutoff/res', etc. could be a really easy and intuitive way to enter this mode.
    3. This 'params view' could also be implemented at the track level in addition to the song level. It would then show the scrollable list of 16 params with the same meter view for each, but you'd be able to see them all at once.
    4. Finally, if on 'params view' within song and 'affect entire' is selected; you'd see a similar view of all 16 params but they would represent the global values.

    Definitely adds a lot of complexity, but I think the visual feedback nature of it would make it intuitive enough. Anyway, thank you Synthstrom for making such an amazing device and supporting it so well to the point where these kinds of things are attainable!

    p.s. this is similar to:

  • 3.2 Firmware Tease (MPE record and playback)

    @Ian_Jorgensen said:

    Sorry that we don't even talk about it. Just felt it was better to shut up and just deliver it when it was ready rather than continue teasing etc. We totally appreciate the update is overdue and people have been very patient.

    The deluge continues to be the glue that brings all my other gear together, adding and testing all of these features to an already nearly perfect instrument can't be easy or quick. I have all the patience in the world for you and Rohan. Godspeed!

  • Step automation view / automation drawing (track long envelope drawing).

    Tangentially related:
    The OP is about volume only, but could be extended to a generic 'param view'. Less about fine-grained automation, but in the same realm as elevating params.