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  • Any advice for dealing with a dead/malfunctioning pad?

    Short story, you were right! The pad needs replacement.

    Longer story, in case it's helpful to anyone else:

    • I opened up the Deluge to take a look at the pads. Which, for those who don't know, involves following the disassembly instructions for replacing the battery, and then also unscrewing the screws which hold the PCB against the top panel and sandwich the pads between (I should've made a video of doing it).

    • Looking at the traces on the PCB for the misbehaving pad, I saw a bunch of gunk on there (see the black stuff on the right "sun ray" traces)

    • I thought for sure this was the problem, took a Q-Tip and some isopropyl and swabbed it clean:

    • Reassembled and the problem was not changed at all!

    • Disassembled and took the two 2x4 pad sections (for the mute&demo pads) and switched them around. I had to flip them both 180 degrees to make them fit properly.

    • Reassembled and the offending pad worked fine! And as expected, the working pad I had swapped with now had the problem.

    So this proved that in my case what I need is a replacement pad, which fortunately is easily available from Synthstrom at a reasonable price :smiley: . My guess as to what caused the problem is just a high amount of wear on that pad caused its conductive surface to rub off on the PCB, which both gunked up the traces and removed the conductive material from the pad.

  • Can Synthstrom hire sound designers to design more modern synth presets?

    This site:
    It's the ideal platform for sharing and cataloging presets. But I guess nobody has noticed it, because it's desperately in need of contributions!

  • New OLED display

    This update is ground-breaking. For one thing, it's a fantastic new feature which I have no doubt will be taken even further with future updates.

    More importantly, this vision of committing to a particular hardware platform for the long haul, to the point that even new hardware features are retrofitted on to existing's downright radical. It reminds me of degrowth, low-tech type approaches to technology, which prioritize values other than insatiable expansion and profit.

    Lastly it blows open my imagination of what the future could hold for my Deluge. Previously I had resigned myself to the fact that no matter how much of a game changer it'd be, a Deluge will never have more than one stereo out. But now? Anything seems possible!


    Best update I've seen yet (and there have been a lot of amazing ones). I love this particularly because of the promise of what's to come. Y'alls commitment to building community as a top priority has shown through since the Deluge's launch, and now we get to see the ultimate benefit of that: fully empowered community feature development!

    Also, who else does this? It seems like a really visionary move, I hope other gear designers are taking note!

  • Pipes by Synesthesia: upcoming „non-portable Deluge with a Touch Screen“

    I don't get it, in what way is this comparable to the Deluge? I mean, I guess they both do sampling. But seems like a very different device geared toward a different purpose to me.

  • make software open source

    I completely agree that it's unrealistic to expect Rohan to switch from being a rockstar developer to being manager of an open source community project. And we don't want support time to be taken up trying to distinguish between custom software builds.

    However looking down the road, it's clear that someday the updates will slow and eventually stop. When we near that point, it would be brilliant for the code to become open source, to allow the community to keep a beloved device alive and evolving into the future. If I was sure that this would happen, it would make me feel even better about committing to the device, since I would know the project will never be mothballed.

    So I think it could be valuable for Synthstrom to commit that they will for sure open source the software "eventually", because that commitment would be a selling point for people who are looking for a tool that will weather the ages. And it would certainly excite my programmer friends :smile: