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  • Self extending length record Mode

    I would love to see a mode on the deluge where you could start recording a synth line, and it would keep automatically extending the length of the passage to fit what you're playing, until you press stop record. If you have a long passage - e.g 8 bars or more - this would mean you wouldn't have to work out how many bars you were going to do first, and you'd be free to change plan or improvise the passage length on the fly.

  • Pre-roll count in when recording

    Would be great to press record and have four clicks to get ready to do the take from the start.

  • Undo Command

    It's quite tricky to record an instrumental synth line first 'pop' - you might hit a bung note, not get it rhythmically perfect, or you might start in the wrong spot - e.g start at beat 3 thinking it is beat one.

    It's then a bit tricky to just delete what you just did and do a new take - especially if you're in keyboard mode and say, 64th note zoom quantize mode. In that case you've got to switch back to track mode, switch the zoom to a smaller zoom level, scroll up and down to find all the notes you hit to delete them, then return the zoom to your desired setting and finally re-enter keyboard mode. If you get the take wrong twice in a row this gets a bit frustrating.

    If there was an instant 'undo' command that worked like Ctrl Z on a computer - it would make recording takes a bit more fluid.

  • Sustain pedal support.

    Edit (after Icoustik's feedback I have made this more specific)

    1 - If we could learn commands (play, launch/mute etc) to an incoming CC command we could start and stop a song, or launch a part, using just a simple sustain pedal.

    I've found that midi pedals (especially 5 pin midi ones) aren't that common, and can be expensive - a sustain pedal on a keyboard is the cheapest, most common way of sending a midi message to the deluge with your foot and leaving your hands free to play keyboard or guitar.

    2 - a simple on/off sustain pedal is currently unable to be patched to the 'release' parameters in such a way that they jump to 50 and hold a note the way you would expect when a sustain pedal is connected to a keyboard.

    Old version:

    Is it conceivably possible to receive incoming CC messages in future? I think this would be really great -

    1 - It would mean you could use a sustain pedal with an external keyboard to make notes longer in the normal way

    2 - If you could use a CC message as a 'learn' command, you could stop/start a song or part by hitting the sustain pedal.

  • Ability to turn headphone jack into a separate line out

    I think this was discussed on facebook at one point- I didn't see if it was a software possibility or not. For live It would be pretty great to be able to give a sound engineer separate channels for drums and everything else.

  • Midi footswitch question

    Hey there Brackets - I think you need to work out if your pedal can send midi note messages. A problem I've come into is that most foot pedal controllers only send Program Change messages (because they're designed for guitarists wanting to change between pedal board settings), but the deluge will only respond to note-on messages for most commands (and CCs for some parameters, but this is not really useful for one-push foot pedals). This could be worth a feature request post.

    If it doesn't send note messages - you can either buy an event processor from Midi Solutions (which is a bit expensive), or you can buy a new footswitch that sends note messages. I ended up buying Source Audio midi foot pedal which can be programmed to send any message.

  • How does one delete an individual drum sound from a kit?

    Brilliant thanks for both options.

  • Midi footswitch question

    Ah nice work! Yes good ideas.