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  • Odd time signatures, cross-screen

    I'm doing odd time signatures by setting odd track lengths, e.g., for a 7/8 piece, a one-measure track is shortened a half-beat from the default to 14 16th notes. This gets awkward for longer tracks, where (at the default zoom level) the second measure starts on the last two columns of the first screen, the third measure starts with the last four columns of the second screen, etc. This also makes cross-screen useless, as screens no longer align with a consistent musical unit.

    Is there a better way to do odd times? Is there a hack for getting cross screen to be as useful for a track in an odd time as it is for common time?

  • What does pulse width do on non-square waveforms?

    It took me a while to notice that the PW parameter is adjustable on all the built-in waveforms, not just pulse waves (square and analog square). Cranking it to 50 seems to result in the same waveform one octave higher, though I haven't analyzed it closely.

    Is this documented anywhere, or can anyone explain its effect?

  • Midi! Midi! MIDI! (ProgramChange, access to Instant/Quantized launch/solo/mute via midi, cc ....)

    To start to dig into the 50 vs 127 vs finer possible resolutions question, I just spent a while with a self-resonating filter (over noise) sound, external MIDI controller, gold parameter knob, black settings knob, some analysis software in VCV Rack, and a guitar tuner. I was only messing with the LPF cutoff.

    My preliminary conclusion is that an external MIDI controller and a gold parameter knob yield the exact same resolution, which is 128 distinct values. The black settings knob, as is pretty obvious, yields only 50 distinct values, corresponding to the displayed 0-50 (or actually "off" for the LPF), which are evenly spread out through the 0-127 range. The settings knob's 50 values are absolute, so any "fine-tuning" to a value "between" the displayed numbers get undone by ticking the settings knob up or down by one and then back again.

    In the past I thought I had heard more distinct stair-step changes when sweeping an external MIDI controller knob vs sweeping a gold parameter knob, but I couldn't find any evidence of this today.

  • arranging without quantisizing automaticaly

    It can be turned off in the settings menu, which you access with shift & press select knob.

  • Macros For Performance.

    I'm surprised not to see more upvotes and discussion on how nice it would be for presets to be able to define macros, meaning using one knob to manipulate multiple parameters. (Maybe there's another name for this feature I haven't searched for.)

    One way I imagined this might work is that Custom 1, Custom 2, and Custom 3 could be treated as mod sources. Then you could patch them to as many destinations as you like at whatever depth.

  • Transpose affects other tracks

    Transpose of a track with scale mode on will transpose all tracks with scale mode on.