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  • Newsletter - where has it gone

    I haven't had the monthly Deluge newsletter or seen much from Mr. Jorgensen at all for a long while now. Is the newsletter still active? Has Ian gone into witness protection? 'Rona? Surprises? We have to know!!!

  • Creating an open community platform?

    I have recently ditched Facebook, so I can no longer access the Deluge closed group and Beta Tester group I was a member of. I would be interested in joining an alternative forum, particularly for the beta testing.

  • USB MIDI Foot Controller

    I’ve been in contact with the manufacturers that Synthstrom are sourcing the pedals from and they are definitely coming. I’d rather buy the switch through Synthstrom as they deserve our support but it seems crazy to me to ship them from Europe to NZ to then have one shipped to me in the UK, from an ecological standpoint if nothing else. I have asked Synthstrom for an ETA both here and on the fb closed group but no response. I’m sure they have their reasons for holding out but admit to some frustration. The looping functionality is not much use to me as a guitarist without the foot switch

  • Looping over arranger

    Yes, I have one or more instrument row (say drums on one row and some synth or bass on another) in arranger to create a full song structure and I am needing to live record the singer's loops at say the middle eight or to build up vocal loops during the last verse / chorus / outro etc. Doesn't matter if I have another row set up as an Audio In, because I am in arranger mode I can't loop that one Audio in track while the arrangement plays behind it.

    I can do what I need in song mode but then it's much harder to have a varied backing as switching between tracks (clips) and having it clear in my tiny brain which set of clips triggers which song section over 11 or 12 full songs is going to fry my brain.

    Midi commands via the foot pedal cover what I need to do looping wise (play / loop / overdub / undo) but not being able to loop over the arranger song structure (ie have an 4 bar llooping section) triggered at the right section of the song, ie 2 minutes into the song or whatever it might be) is my problem. Don't see how the stutter function would enable this but to be fair I am not really familiar with the stutter effect anyway.

    I was using a ditto x4, triggered by the Deluge before the 3.0 update, so might just go back to that, or another midi compatible looper. The X4 was a bit random with receiving MIDI accurately.