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Risers / Noise Sweeps / Transitions?

andershandersh United StatesPosts: 10

How does everyone like to achieve these on the Deluge? I've been trying to do transitions with riser samples with little success :<


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    OdoSendaidokaiOdoSendaidokai BerlinPosts: 305

    A little bit more description would be fine. What did you try and what did you reach (or not). What is your goal?

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    HeptagenHeptagen Posts: 36

    I think @andersh has the same problem as me:
    How do you place risers (or even harder: transition samples) in the arranger correctly, so that the end of the sample (or the peak of it) happens exactly in the moment of transition?

    For me the process looks like this:
    Create a new white block with the length that the riser will "probably" have. Enter said block. Place the riser. Listen. No, it comes to early. Shove it forward a few pixels. Listen. Now its too late. Go back to beginning of sample, zoom in because the resolution is too low for fine adjustments. Adjust. Zoom out, go to end of sample and play from there because listening through the whole thing has become tiring and time consuming. Still not perfect. Go back and repeat until you question the use of risers in general.

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