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Dumb question about sections - keeping the beat going


I'm sure this is covered in the manual somewhere, but I couldn't quite work it out. If I have a section playing and want to switch to a different section, how do I keep my drum tracks (or any other tracks for that matter) playing?

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    p_watsp_wats TorontoPosts: 111
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    The easiest way is to duplicate the tracks you want to keep playing and place the duplicates into the new sections, then it's as simple as changing sections.

    Another option is when you select the new section to play next (the pads on the left should start flashing indicating it's going to play next) you can then simply hit the mute pad of the track you don't want to stop (it should be flashing now too) and it will not stop when the new section starts.


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    p_watsp_wats TorontoPosts: 111

    Another thing you can try to do is play with the "SHAR" option for sections (to share the launch status, so launching a section doesn't mute another section):

    By holding down a "section" pad and turning the select knob far-anticlockwise, the option "SHAR" will be arrived at, which means that the section may share its "launched" status with other sections: launching it will not automatically stop tracks which belong to other sections. However, it remains the case that only one track per synth or kit preset may play simultaneously, so launching a "SHAR" section may still cause other tracks to stop if the use synth or kit presets also used in the section being launched. This could be a useful option if you wish to launch several tracks simultaneously (e.g. a bass and a lead line), but leave some previously-playing tracks playing (e.g. a beat).

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    johntopleyjohntopley UKPosts: 26

    Thank you!

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