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USB power (5v) vs DC power (9v-12v) performance differences?

GameDudeGameDude EarthPosts: 44
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Hi there,

I'm assuming the USB connection to a laptop or USB charger uses 5v, but the adapter can be 9v-12v.

Two questions:

  1. Does using the power adapter (as opposed to USB power) offer any performance increase?
  2. Can someone please direct me to a suitable (centre-negative) adapter for Deluge on Amazon or some other online shop?

Edit: found this-

Looks like it might be ok to use.

Thanks a lot :)

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    iFreilichtiFreilicht GermanyPosts: 37

    There's certainly no mention of any performance differences in the manual. The CPU for sure won't overclock and suddenly allow you to play more voices, that's not a thing.

    What I can imagine is the battery charging faster when on 9V and using a stronger adapter (like 1A or more), but I have not tested that and a 1A USB adaptor may shorten charging time just as well. Overall I feel there's no use in getting a 9V supply. Any phone charger does the job properly.

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    GameDudeGameDude EarthPosts: 44

    Thanks for the info. I bought a universal adapter anyway just in case I might need it someday.

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