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Deleting unwanted synth patches



I've been making lots of new synth patches by pressing SHIFT + SYNTH. I want to delete most of these. When I load my card onto my Mac I can't see them (only the original patches 1-170) so I can't delete them. My question is, is there an easy way to delete unwanted patches either on the Deluge itself or on the card?

Many Thanks



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    WillWill Middle of NowHere, CanadaPosts: 168

    I've always been able to see them on my SD card and deal with them there.
    In my experience, it IS a pain that any modification you make takes up a new slot (.a.b.c) automatically.

    Hope you find a solution...

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    Thanks Will

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    NRuckNRuck UKBeta Tester Posts: 76

    You may need to press 'save' + "synth" on each of these patches in order for them to show up on your SD card, before then deleting them.

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    iFreilichtiFreilicht GermanyPosts: 37

    If you made a patch and didn't save it, it is stored inside the song that you created it in. You can delete the song or do what NRuck said. Additionally, when you go to save patches you actually do want to keep, you can just save them in spots that "unsaved" patches seemingly take up. If there's no full stop behind the slot number you're saving to, that means there's nothing stored in that slot.

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