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Resample Bug

on_interrupton_interrupt Portland, Oregon, USAPosts: 2

I think I've run into a resampling-related bug. I'm currently trying to resample a song track by track so I can drag it into a DAW for mixing/mastering. It worked great for all synth tracks. The kit tracks have been tricky. I had no problem with the snare, but for whatever reason when I try to resample the kick track the file that the Deluge records is only about half the length that it should be, the timing goes out of whack, and kick sounds like it's playing at about half-speed. Weirder still, when I resample the same kick track while synced to the Ableton clock, the file that the Deluge creates is fine. Has anyone run into anything like this? Is there a trick to resampling individual drum tracks? Thanks!


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