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Chamber Music + Deluge + Eurorack


This is a little piece I wrote for the final audition of the academic year, in the music school where I work.

It is the first time I mix a little chamber music set with electronic music, in this case playing a little Eurorack system and a Synthstrom Deluge doing the sequencing and a few samples. My purpose was to integrate the electronic part with the acoustic instruments so they could work well together as a one.

I bought the Synthstrom Deluge only 2 weeks ago, and it was used for some sample drums and fx, and mainly for sequencing. It was something simple but worked perfectly.

The eurorack system is using mainly a Mutable Instruments Plaits in Modal Resonator mode, thru a WMD MMF filter and a Chronoblob for delay. Mutable Instruments Peaks for the Kick drum. Happy Nerding 3xMIA for mixing. ALM Pamela NW for modulation.


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