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The Night Before Synthmas

workergrayworkergray Gulfport, FloridaBeta Tester Posts: 198
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--'Twas the night before Synthmas, I sat in the condo
Editing samples and most were in mono
-- My sweet wife was snoring, asleep in our bed
While mountains of pillows were flanking her head
-- The studio lit by the monitor's glare
The patch cables hung from the mixer with care
-- The Boss and the Yamaha twinkled with lights
They blinked to the rhythm that warm Synthmas night
-- A noise caught my ear that was not to the beat
The squeal of some air brakes out in the street
-- My mind was racing with an overjoyed feelin'
Was this my new "Deluge" that shipped from New Zealand?
-- I leapt from my chair and onto the floor
Not even waiting for that knock on the door
-- There stood a figure with package in hand
'Twas Syntha Claus and his delivery van
-- I signed for the package and thanked Mr. Claus
And rushed back inside without taking a pause
-- For months I had waited, for weeks I had wanted
While others, who had theirs, shamelessly flaunted!
-- Now the unboxing, the cardboard resisted
So I tore at the wrapping and did it two-fisted
-- And then, in an instant, one corner appeared!
I knew at the moment I had my new gear!
-- My eyes grew wider as the paper peeled back
A new synthesizer, all shiny and black!
-- The knobs and the buttons-- they all looked so nifty
But I still had to install the "18 6 50"
-- The rechargeable battery is all that I need!
So I spun the screwdriver with furious speed!
-- I fixed the battery in it's proper place
All that was left was to close-up the case
-- I hit the switch, my pain was large
The rechargeable battery did NOT have a charge.

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