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Some bugs/questions

maimai Posts: 21
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First of all: I'm absolutely in love with my Deluge! I was waiting for such a device since almost 20 years... the intuitive operation, this 8x16 grid, the size, the possibilities, battery powered, the sound, almost everything. The "big" companies could learn a thing about this (but obviously they don't want?)! For the future I would wish that the sequencer will envolves a bit (like copy/paste bars, nudge notes, automation editing...). Anyway, after I've used this instrument (yes, instrument) I maybe found some bugs/questions:

Confusing structure of own sample folders (not alphabetical):
My sample library is very well organized and contains many sub folders. When I copied it to my SD card, I recognized that the structure of the sub folders is absolutely confusing and not really alphabetical. An (silly) example: if the folders are named "Bd1, Bd2, Bd3, Sd1, Sd2, Sd3, Vc1, Vc2, Vc3", the Deluge shows them in that order: "Bd1, Vc3, Bd3, Sd2, Vc1, Bd2, Sd1, Sd3, Vc2". I can't see any logical order here!? Is that a bug? If I use just big letters, or no numbers the order changes - but it's still not "correctly"...

One shot samples are becoming a "cut" sample if the noise parameter is higher than "0":
As the title says: one shot samples (default setting) are not an one shot anymore if I set the noise amount fom 0 to 1 (or higher).

Audition pads react as the Shift button (in track view):
If I'm in track view and press/hold one of the 8 audition pads + press a button on the 8x16 grid, it activates the shift functions. Is that normal?

Not really bugs but irritating:

Dimmable function is not globally:
With Shift+Learn+up/down you can dim the lights of the Deluge. But when when switch off/on the device the previous setting is gone. I would guess that the users will use the Deluge in most cases in the same location (e.g. in a dark room). So dimming the lights always after switching it on is not very disturbing, bit unnecessary. ;)

Default sample mode in a synth track is "once":
I would say that at least in synth tracks the default sample mode should be set to "cut". In synth mode I like to perform a sample like a synth (note lengths are recognised). Additionally I would prefer when setting steps in synth mode, they will not have the full note length (the length of the sample) automatically. For an intuitive workflow I like that the synth mode behaves "always" the same - regardless when working with the synth engine, or samples.

Ok, enough words for the moment. ;)
Anyway, I like this sweet device as it is, and maybe you like some of my points.

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    maimai Posts: 21

    Are we alone here? Nobody from Synthstrom is helping or giving support anymore? Wow.

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    FASTFAST CaliforniaPosts: 47

    They got quiet around shipping time on the first batch. I'm sure that they are totally focused on getting everybody's units out to them.

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    maimai Posts: 21

    This could be possible... But honestly I'm not very excited about this. If they don't have the time to support their customers (because they want more customers...) - something is going in the wrong direction! It also seems that they do not answer emails. Hmm.

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    rpc9943rpc9943 New York usaBeta Tester, Mentor Posts: 184
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    (Removed comment)

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    SamSam WellingtonModerator, Staff Posts: 160

    Hi @mai! Thanks for waiting for this. The sample folders are essentially random at the moment - this is something Rohan's intending to change. I've let Rohan know about the noise/sample bug you mentioned. For future reference, if you could post any bug finds in this beta testers page (, it would helpful for us, as it means everything is all in one place. The audition pads acting as shift isn't a bug, it's just an easier way of performing the same command. The last two are fairly common firmware suggestions/feature requests - we're aware of a few people who would like both of those. The first one (about the lights) might be worth putting in the software suggestions page, too, ( as I'm not sure if there's been a post about that specifically before. This means that more people will see it and can vote on it, add other ideas and the like. Hope all that helps :) Cheers!

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    maimai Posts: 21

    Ok, thanks.

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