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Deluge vs Logic Pro X (or any other DAW)


I am one small step before ordering Deluge but one thing bothers me - I will probably want to record song (or individual tracks) from Deluge in Logic Pro X as plain audio in order to add additional drums, vocals and other instruments. My question is - how to solve the clock issue? Probably tempo set in Deluge won't match the exact tempo from Logic as they work separately.

This might be a very basic question but I used to work on soft only (Logic, Renoise, etc. - soft rewire solves it).
Thanks for any help :)

all the best

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    minigoatminigoat cincinnati ohio usaPosts: 296
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    Sure, you can match tempo between the two. There are a few ways to go about it, but the simplest would be the deluge's usb out port into your computer. Then set your daw to either master or slave to the deluge.
    You can also just resample the tracks from the deluge and drop the files in off the sd card.


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    OneArmedOneArmed PolandPosts: 4

    thank you!

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    pfrfpfrf ca, u.s.a.Posts: 165
    edited July 2018

    I guess this question is answered but I wanted to note that it makes most sense to use Logic as master if you want to add additional instruments in Logic. It’s easy, it works well, and it keeps it all locked to the Logic grid.
    Also, the Deluge and the Logic arp will swing together nicely, which is fantastic as the Logic arp plugin is very good. Internally, Logic project swing (which I think they call clip swing) doesn’t always match the swing of the Logic arp. Stupid.

    Here’s a table of the matching swing values:
    logic clip vs logic arp and deluge *= best matches
    10% = 51%
    21% = 52%
    29% = 53%
    *50% = 55%
    60% = 56%
    *71% = 57%
    *79% = 58%
    92% = 59%
    *98% = 60%

    (Logic clip swing has no negative values. Only Deluge swing at 54% has no Logic counterpart.)

    So if you’ve created a Deluge project with 58% swing, you can set Logic swing to 79% and the Logic arp to 58% and it will all groove together.

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