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CPU overload with synth kit in sample mode + release

hxlpshxlps FrancePosts: 4
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Hi, I downloaded the waveforms included in the AKWF pack (right here ). I'm quite happy with it* .

However, when I add some release on the synth kit (ENV1 patched by default on the volume) and play a few notes, the sound shrinks and crashes, as if the CPU is overloaded. It occurs even though there aren't any other tracks playing. Pretty annoying, isn't it ?

*do not forget to transpose each synth part in sample mode : the adventure kid waveforms are natively in D.

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    SamSam WellingtonModerator, Staff Posts: 160
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    Hey @hxlps. That's strange! Thanks for pointing this out - we're looking into it.

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