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Firmware v2.0 .bin extraction issue work around

smmckee22smmckee22 U.S.A.Posts: 3
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I've been seeing across some different online communities that people are having issues getting v2.0 firmware installed. Firstly, when you extract the .zip file, you see KITS, SAMPLES, and SYNTHS folders. Not a neatly wrapped up .bin. I ran into this, and experimented some and was able to update the firmware, while preserving my saved content. You can copy the folders in the v2.0 firmware download, open up your SD card in finder/explore on your computer, and replace the files on the SD with the v2.0 files.

NOTE: Do not overwrite the SONGS folder on your SD card. This will delete any saved songs. If you don't overwrite this folder previously made song will remain saved!

NOTE: I haven't resampled anything on the unit and I don't know if overwriting the RECORD and RESAMPLE sub-folders in the SAMPLES folder will overwrite anything you have sampled on the unit itself.

Once you've overwritten the correct folders on the SD card, reinsert it into the unit, while the power is off, hold the shift button, and power the unit on.

NOTE: Once you do this, the spinning loading icon will not trigger. It will get stuck on the word "File", and won't finish the boot process. I waited about 3 minutes, and switched the unit off and turned the unit back on again, and it was updated.

That's how I went about getting my Deluge up to v2.0 while preserving all my songs. I hope this helps people who are having this issue. I crossed my fingers when it got stuck on the word file, I thought I might have bricked my Deluge. Hope this helps!

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    VondragonnogginVondragonnoggin California, USAPosts: 190

    Hmm. I thought the instructions were pretty clear. I put just the bin file on the root of my SD card and nothing else, then powered on holding the shift button until I saw the sequence on the display described in the instructions. I didn’t touch the folders that were already there, I didn’t put any other folders on my SD card. After confirming the update worked, I then extracted the new synth presets and put them in my SYNTHS folder which did overwrite the first 91 presets, but I had already done a full backup of my SD card so if I wanted to put the original 91 back, it would be easy.

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