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Pre-roll count in when recording


Would be great to press record and have four clicks to get ready to do the take from the start.


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    MatthewGeorgeMatthewGeorge Cologne, GermanyBeta Tester Posts: 247
    As an option though. Sometimes good sometimes not so...
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    edmoedmo USPosts: 2

    A count in would be most appreciated. With longer melodic ideas that are many bars long, having to wait to cycle around is not great.

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    MPrinsenMPrinsen NetherlandsPosts: 157

    I think you can easily create a count in by adding a track with a unique section set to play only once, then go to the next section (which should be the track you want to record). Now enter 4 notes of a rimshot in the count in track and start launching that section.

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    pikeypikey IrelandPosts: 17

    I would love a count in for recording from line in, it would make recording in a guitar much easier if there was a count and a way to match the start and end of the sample record time with the current track. Perhaps this should be a separate feature request.

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    zorpppzorppp San FranciscoPosts: 1

    This is very much needed

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    MonVieuxMilouMonVieuxMilou FrancePosts: 10

    One convenient way of implementing it that I can think of:

    • if you hit Record when the Deluge isn't playing, recording starts right away
    • if you hit Record when play mode is active, it should start recording at the next start of the sequence, and you would eventually have the option to use a looper function somehow.
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