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What are you using to record/stream your performances?

GKRGYGKRGY Milan, ItalyPosts: 36

Hi fellow Delugians,

I see many splendid videos on youtube and shared here in the performance section; and I would like to start recording some as well. Audio/computer wise I am all set. The only missing piece is an "OBS rig on a budget" -- namely the camera part.

Two questions:

  • what do you use?
  • what would you suggest for the video in part, at a budget?

Please and thank you

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    Bay_MudBay_Mud OntarioPosts: 134
    Answer ✓

    For what it's worth, I just use my phone (nothing special, an old Samsung at the moment). I usually run the audio through my USB interface into the Open Camera app then the VN free video editor app on my phone. I'm hoping to upgrade the setup at some point, but it's worked well enough for me


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