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MIDI Note issues after FW 4.0


Hi Community!

I have been running my Deluge-based Synth setup for a few months without any issues. Everything worked perfect. After the update to 4.0 MIDI problems began.

The MIDI routing:
MIDI Keyboard via USB => Deluge => Active Midi Hub => multiple hardware synths

Recently, after updating to 4.0, I had the following issues with MIDI notes:
- Notes are sometimes not sent (or go missing on the way?) resulting in missing notes on the external synths
- "Notes off" are sometimes not sent (or go missing on the way?) which causes the connected synth to play a note forever
- This ONLY happens when MIDI is coming form Deluge. When I play the MIDI Keyboard this has never happened.
- This seems to occur in random situations: I playback an arrangement on Deluge, everything fine. I play it back a second time, stuck and missing notes.

This make the setup practically unusable because i often have forever stuck notes being played on the external synths.

Troubleshooting so far:
- Updated all synths to their latest firmware
- Replaced active MIDI hub with a brand new one
- Recorded Deluge's MIDI into a DAW to visually see whats going on - same issues (no notes/stuck notes)

Any ideas, recommendations or thoughts which might help me to fix this are very welcome.
I am not sure if this is even caused by Deluge. Any suggestions are welcome!

Many thanks in advance!


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    rezareza los angelesModerator, Beta Tester Posts: 627

    have you removed the active midi hub and had only one external synth connected to the deluge to see if the issues persist?

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    Thanks for the hint reza, that helped me solving it. A cable replacement did the job as it seems.

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