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change mode for all samples in a kit?


Hello! Super new to the Deluge (have owned it about 5 days, and am really loving it - coming from a Circuit centered workflow, I really enjoy how much... MORE the Deluge offers)

When i slice a sample, I pretty much always want "CUT" mode applied to all chops in the kit. Is there a way to do that without editing the mode of each sample 1 by 1?

Thanks so much


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    TsapioTsapio San RafaelBeta Tester Posts: 21

    I think this is doable by making sure "Affect Entire" is selected, then "SHIFT + Mode" (bottom left corner) and adjust to "Cut". If it's already on "Cut", just change it with the rotary knob and change it right back. I think this should adjust all pads.
    Sorry if it doesn't but try it and let me know. I'm not around my Deluge right now to verify.

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    unfilterunfilter WisconsinPosts: 12

    Thank you for getting back to me :smile: That doesn't seem to work. I can use "SHIFT + MODE" to change any sample from the default of "ONCE" to "LOOP" or "CUTOFF", but having "Affect Entire" selected does not seem to change the modes of the other pads

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    rezareza los angelesModerator, Beta Tester Posts: 627
    edited January 2022

    hold "affect all" when scrolling to a different mode, a few other things can work this way as well, such as polyphony.

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    unfilterunfilter WisconsinPosts: 12

    that did the trick, @reza! thanks much :)

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